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Contact LensesThere are many options to consider when choosing to become a contact lens wearer. With advances in technology, there are a wide variety of lens types available, as well as materials and brands to correct many different visual needs. It is important to be accurately fit for contact lenses, as well as receive the proper training and care instructions to be a successful contact lens wearer.

The first thing to consider when deciding to become a contact lens patient is that you have a valid, up to date prescription. A valid prescription typically lasts 2 years from the original date of examination. If your prescription is not valid, it is important that you see your Optometrist to have a comprehensive examination to determine an up to date prescription as well as a check of your overall ocular health and to assess if you are a good candidate for contact lens wear.

If this is your first entry into the world of contact lenses, it is imperative that you discuss with your Optometrist what your visual needs are, how you will use contact lenses and how contact lenses will fit your life style needs. Many people try contact lenses for freedom from glasses but other reasons may be for sports, for cosmetic reasons or for convenience. Whatever your reason may be, an Optometrist can help determine the best options for your eyes. Please contact our office to book an appointment or allow us to help you answer any questions you may have about contact lens wear.

There are now excellent contact lens options available for those who need bifocals or progressive multifocals.

For patients with challenging contact lens needs, Dr. Bohnsack offers specialty contact lens fittings for irregular corneas, keratoconus, corneal scars or when cosmetic tints are needed.

Please use the form below to order more contact lenses. Your order will be received and processed by our staff, after which they will confirm your order within two (2) business days. Please be advised that it is our office policy that to order contact lenses, patients must have had a full eye examination including a contact lens assessment within the past two (2) years. If you are unsure of what information to provide on the form, or have any questions about the contact lens ordering process, please contact us.

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